Live streaming webcast

Multivet Media redefines how to communicate via webcasting. If the reliability and security of our webinars are our priorities, it is mainly at the level of the accompaniment that we stand out. Whether for online training, a conference or an assembly, our experienced team will offer you a complete service: design, production of content and diffusion.

For this crucial step, we have developed a fully designed platform for corporate live streaming event: MVM Webcast.


Thanks to a clean and efficient interface, we prioritize the message by the video avoiding any distraction to the user.
Your webcast can be viewed in HD on PC, MAC or tablet.


Whether it be for 50 or for thousands of users, we ensure that you reach them quickly, thanks to an extremely efficient system.
Unlike other services on the market, no software installation is required; Use only your favorite browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge)

Interactive Tools

  • Private Chat to Administrator or Guest
  • List of connected guests
  • Real-time survey during the event
  • Detailed post-event statistics


Your event can be broadcast either for a special group or for the general public.
In all cases, the site and the video are secured by the HTTPS protocol and an encryption key.

Personalized live streaming event

It is possible to distribute your content from a studio, your offices or the place of your choice.
We believe that the container is as important as the message, which is why it is possible to customize the interface of the platform to your image. And to facilitate the connection of the user, we can also manage the interconnection with your network (intranet or extranet).